Pump Water with Air..Air-o-Pump


The affordable submersible pump that do not corrode, burn out or seize. 

The Air-o-Pump Submersible Pump is a simple pump powered by compressed air from a small compressor.

No mechanical parts, no abrasion: The liquid is not in contact with any mechanical elements.

Inexpensive. Simple & reliable.


Single person can install or remove.

The design allows use of inexpensive poly piping and avoids electrics or sensors at the bore hole or well.

Constructed from tough, non-metallic, non-corroding materials. (Stainless steel is available for mining and crude oil applications.)

Easily adapted for Solar or Wind power.

Wide range of applications.

Usually a 220V piston compressor will handle your requirements. No power is required at pump site as air can be piped over many kilometers using inexpensive 16mm class 12 poly pipe, virtually no pressure loss is incurred over these distances. 

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