Advertising Media Kit 

AFSEA has developed three unique online multimedia avenues that offer advertisers access to a highly qualified, targeted audience within the alternative/renewable energy and climate change industries: 

the AFSEA Websites and the weekly AFSEA Newsletters+

AFSEA Websites (29,800 Pageviews per month and growing)
A portal rich with current news, info, resources and tools that professionals need to excel in their day-to-day business. It is the premier online space for influential professionals to access environmental business opportunities from Southern Africa and around the world and to learn about issues of importance to the industry and environment communities. Well developed and connected social networks such as Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter help to ensure a steady readership.

AFSEA newsletters (6400+ subscribers and growing)
Our weekly newsletter provides readers with the very latest industry and sustainable living news, complete with ad images to complement the news stories. Our newsletters have evolved into a must-read for businesses wanting to establish themselves as leaders in the renewable energy industry.



Rates Per Month…Vat included 
Banner1000×100R 2 800.00Monthly
Skyscraper600×160R 2 200.00Monthly
Box300×160R 1 400.00Monthly
Newsletters1 per week  
Banner1000×100R 1 200.00Monthly
Skyscraper600×160R 950.00Monthly
Box300×160R 650.00Monthly
3 Month less 10%   
6 Month less 15%   
12 Month less 20%   

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Terms and Conditions 

Advertisements are only accepted for publication by AFSEA subject to the following
1. AFSEA reserves the right to withhold any advertisement from publication
and to cancel any advertisement order that has been accepted.
2. AFSEA will not be liable to the advertiser or to any other person for any
loss or damages of any nature whatsoever, including indirect or consequential
damages or any loss of profit or special damages of any nature whatsoever
and whether in the contemplation of the parties or not, which the advertiser
or any other person may suffer as a result of AFSEA failure to publish on
dates other than those specified by the advertiser, or any other errors or
delays of any kind.
3. Telephonic instructions must in all cases be confirmed in writing by the
advertiser (either by email, snail mail or fax).
4. Every precaution is taken to ensure the correct insertion of all advertisements,
but AFSEA will not be held liable for any inaccuracies or omissions or for
any consequence arising there from.
5. AFSEA reserves the right to edit or revise, or to reject, even after
acceptance for publication, any advertisement deemed to be untruthful or
objectionable in subject matter or wording, or unsuitable for any other reason,
whether space for the advertisement has been booked in advance under order
or not.
6. AFSEA reserves the right to suspend the website on any day and increase
or decrease the usual number of web pages on our website without notice.
7. Space is sold to advertisers for the purpose of making announcements
concerning their own businesses and may not be used for attacking or making
invidious comparisons with other advertisers, firms, institutions or persons.
8. All cancellations by the customer must be in writing.
9. All advertising spaces are subject to availability.
10. Material should reach AFSEA by no later than 24 hours before placement.