Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet & OLADE to co-chair multi-continent private sector investor’s summits in Washington D.C


13 Ministers from Africa and Latin America & the Caribbean will come together to discuss how their economies can adapt, in these fast-changing geopolitical times, in order to support a more boarder energy transition.

Co-Chaired by Alfonso Blanco Bonilla, Executive Secretary at OLADE; and Joseph Nganga, from the Global Energy Alliance for People and Planet, this super high-level round table will focus on market liquidity and the enabling environments for the private sector, the future role of SOEs to support the transition and the challenges governments can face as they consider how diversifying sector revenue flows will impact energy security. Elected by the Meeting of Energy Ministers of Latin America and the Caribbean, Alfonso and OLADE’s mission is to contribute to the integration, sustainable development and energy security of
the region, advising and promoting cooperation and coordination among its Member Countries.
The Global Alliance for People and Planet aims to extend clean, productive-use energy to 1 billion underserved people, create tens of millions of green jobs, and avoid and avert over 4 billion tons of emissions. The Rockefeller Foundation and its partners have already invested $10bn to establish GEAPP and its finance be critical in enabling clean energy investments across growing economies.
Andrew Herscowitz, Chief Development Officer at the United States International Development Finance Corporation, and a veteran of both continents will moderate the high-level roundtable and dive deep into the realities and practicalities facing decision-makers.

The Ministerial Roundtable Participants will be:
 H.E Honourable Guillermo Usandivaras, Undersecretary of Institutional Coordination of
Energy, Secretariat of Energy, Ministry of Economy, Argentina
 H.E Honourable Stuart Young, Minister, Ministry of Energy and Energy Industries, Trinidad & Tobago
 H.E Honourable Miguel Lotero, Vice-minister of Energy, Ministry of Mines and Energy,
 H.E. Honourable Aissatou Sophie Gladima, Minister, Ministry of Petroleum & Energy,
 H.E Honourable Rolando Castro, Minister, Ministry of Energy and Environmental Quality,
Costa Rica
 H.E Honourable William Aidoo (MP), Deputy Minister, Ministry of Energy, Ghana
 H.E Honourable Michel Chebat, Minister, Ministry of Public Utilities, Energy & Logistics, Belize
 H.E Honourable Dr. Ruth Nankabirwa Ssentamu, Minister, Ministry of Energy and Mineral
Development, Uganda

 H.E Honourable Abe Sylla, Minister, Ministry of Energy, Hydraulics and Hydrocarbons,
 H.E Honourable Erick Medardo Tejada Carbajal, Minister, Ministry of Energy, Secretary of
Energy, Honduras
 H.E. Honourable Hassan Abdinor Abdi, Minister, Ministry of Energy & Water Resources,
 H.E. Honourable Abdirashid Mohamed Ahmed, Minister, Ministry of Petroleum & Mineral Resources, Somalia

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Organiser: EnergyNet Ltd.
Meeting dates: 16 – 18 March 2022
Venue: Marriott Marquis, Washington, D.C., USA

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Latin America Energy Forum (LAEF):
Contact: Monica Rico Castrillo – Marketing Manager