Earthlife…SASOL Day of Action 12 October 2010


    On Tuesday the 12th of October 2010 Earthlife Africa andpartners Jhb will hold protests at
    SASOLBURG – A procession march will starting at 10am at the Zamdela taxi rank and proceed to SASOL main Gate. A memorandum will be handed over and thereafter there will be other activities.
    SASOL H/Q , a demonstration starting a 12pm no 1 Sturdee Ave , Rosebank.
    The protest is to highlight Sasol continuing harm to the environment and the people.

    Sasol seems to have very little regard for the people employed and living inclose proximity to Sasol plants. Sasol has to be held accountable for theongoing pollution in these areas. The use of contract workers must beinvestigated, especially because when these workers are injured or exposed toharmful substances they have no access to assistances from Sasol.

    Climate Change caused bypollution is a threat to our existence; corporations like SASOL throughirresponsible industrial practice put our lives at risk. It is afact that Sasol is one of the worst emitters of GHG on the African continent.Sasol produces about 75.4million tonnes[1] ofgreenhouse gases annually – about 21% of South Africa’s total greenhouse gasemissions per year. Sasol is presently planning to build a new 80,000barrels/day coal-to-liquids plant in South Africa. This would add an estimated23 to 37 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere on an annual basis.While the world talks about reducing GHG emissions, Sasol continues to increasetheir output.

    Your organisation is invited to join us ina protest at Rosebank on the 12th October2010 , SASOL Head office from 11hr00am till 2hr30pm in highlighting thecontinuous harm SASOL is causing to the environment and people.

    For more information please call Makoma at082 682 9177 or 011 339 3662. .
    Makoma Lekalakala
    Programme Officer
    Earthlife Africa Jhb
    tel 011 339 3662
    fax 011 339 3270
    fax to email 086 545 5866
    cell 082 682 9177