Rooftop Solar Revolution. A new book supporting our philosophy.

This is truly excellent news. It is great to have books like these which support the Solar Revolution which is now a Social Revolution rather than a Technological Revolution, as the technologies now exist and their pricing is approaching grid parity in many parts of the world.

From a really simple point of view, all we need is Net Metering and Time of Use (TOU) Tariffs and no service fees, except perhaps a Retail Wheeling tariff for electricity sold into the grid.

The Time of Use Tariffs are required so that homeowners and others are incentivised to move their electricity use outside peak time.

In South Africa, our peak times are 7 to 10am and 6-8pm. My wife did some baking last night at 10pm. She should have received a lower electricity rate for consuming this electricity late at night.

Also Concentrated Solar Technology with Storage has reached parity with Nuclear build costs and so should be built instead of nuclear. Concentrated Solar has the further advantage that it will supply peak load, something nuclear cannot do.

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