Building a solid foundation for Mozambique’s future clean energy development


Last year Mozambique emerged as one of the leading countries in Africa using renewable energy sources due to the electricity expansion programme that made it possible for over two million Mozambicans to access electricity via renewable sources.

Only 30% of Mozambicans have access to electricity, 20% from the expansion of the national grid and the remaining 10% (about 2.1 million Mozambicans) through clean energy sources, including solar panels, wind turbines, small and medium-size dams and biomass.

Some of Mozambique’s renewable energy projects under development include the Cahora Bassa Hydroelectric expansion plan to build a power station in the northern part of the Zambezi River to boost. The plant will add 1 245MW by 2019 to 2021 and Mphanda Nkuwa: Mozambique’s plans to build a new dam on the Zambezi, some 60km downstream from Cahora Bassa. The $3bn project will add up to 1 500MW.

One of the most widely used renewable energy resource in Mozambique is solar power, with small facilities scattered across the nation to meet the needs of rural populations, particularly in remote areas.

The Mozamibican government have implemented the strategies and legal frameworks for renewable energy development, and agencies—including the Energy Fund (Fundo de Energia, or FUNAE), Electricidade de Moçambique (EDM) to work towards increasing electrification, while PETROMOC is engaged in biofuels production and future distribution.

The  iPAD Mozambiqueevent will showcase off grid renewable projects amongst others. The event will highlight the power development in Mozambique and look at the infrastructures needed to be implemented to allow for access to electricity both locally and regionally. Participants will be able to get to know the development plans for generation, distribution and transmission of power, action policies, and discuss solutions and needs, as well as identify partnership opportunities for power industry growth.

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