Ghana needs revolutionary enterpreneurs — CEO BEIGE Capital


Ghana needs revolutionary entrepreneurs and “crazy” leaders to turn the country’s economic fortunes round.

“Ghana needs crazy leaders, who without fear, are willing to take those bold decisions that could make them unpopular, knowing that they have taken a decision in the interest of our country,” Mr. Mike Nyinaku, Chief Executive Officer of BEIGE Capital has said.

Speaking at a two-day international summit on leadership enrichment organised by Translead Consult (TC) and Eric Kwapong in Accra, he said, there was the need for aspiring entrepreneurs to take their minds off all the challenges the country was currently going through and look up.

“It’s obvious and I must admit that things appear a bit slow. Yes, there’s “dumsor” and all of that and I believe that it’s difficult in times like this to express faith, especially to say things will be well, because “dumsor” is annoying. But on a lighter note, “dumsor” may be uncomfortable to us, but have we asked ourselves what it is like for the people involved in selling generators and those that are selling fuel and those selling rechargeable lamps? Their turnovers are skyrocketing because we’re buying,” he said.

He said there were lots of opportunities in the country which Ghanaians should take advantage of.

Mr. Nyinaku cited the examples of Rand Marchant Bank (RMB), one of the biggest banks in South Africa, Prudential Life Insurance, Aspen, a large pharmaceutical services provider in South Africa which had entered into the Ghanaian market because of the opportunities available.

“The question is, why have they left their multi-billion economies and set foot here as well? There is something here,” he said.

He said the above-mentioned firms entering the Ghanaian market had well-established research and development departments, which did all the market survey work before they took any investment decision.

“Who says they did not predict our power challenges….yet it did not deter them. Don’t forget that this whole challenge with power itself represents an opportunity for companies engaged in the production and distribution of energy…tell me, is it not a strange initiative that soon after President Obama launched his Power Africa Initiative in 2013, suddenly the issue of energy challenges in Africa are gaining attention and somehow companies, like GE and others are interested in partnering African countries in solving the situation?” he asked.