Green Africa Water Systems


Camps Bay, Cape Town, South Africa
I run a business in water conservation systems for homes/business and (eventually) government. We sell and install grey water recycling systems/rainwater harvesting systems in and around Cape Town. I have always been interested in sustainable development with a ‘green tinge’ and am looking forward to learning a lot more about new technologies and new ways to implement the old technology available to us-here we have a great opportunity to create a sustainable future!

Garden RhapsodyThe Water Rhapsody grey water system (gray water system)  is a quality product that has saved thousands of South Africans millions of litres of water.
When installed your grey water system will  save you 35% or more on your water bill by reusing your grey water to irrigate your garden.  Our Grey Water System eliminates the need to irrigate your garden with fresh water.
With Water Rhapsody’s rainwater harvesting system you are able to harvest thousands of litres of rainwater and then use this water in your home for everyday water needs:  Showers\baths and laundry water pipes are all connected to our rainwater harvesting system.

Harvest your Rainwater for household use

rainwater harvesting and grey water reuse can save you 90% on your fresh water bill
Here’s how we do it:  we place our Water Rhapsody ‘Rain-Runners‘ on each of your downpipes.  The ‘Rain-Runners’ filter out all large debris from the water running off your roof.  The downpipes are then connected to a ‘ring-main’ which encircles your house\office and the water is fed via gravity to the rainwater tanks.  We then pump the water back to your home/business for you to use as and when you need it.  With all the rain in Cape Town at the moment you will be able to operate completely independent of the municipal water supply for as long as the rain persists and for some time into the summer.

Invited to Exhibit at GREENEX2010
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