Prison-Cell Solar Light


The light cannot be physically destroyed nor can it be used to injure any inmates. The light switches on and off automatically at dusk and dawn. The product is designed and developed specifically for the South African Police Services needs. The light fitting is machined out of solid metal and mounted against the wall of the cell within a 3,5 mm steel housing. The steel housing covering the light is mounted to the wall with four sheer nuts, that cannot be removed once installed. The steel housing protects the light from any potential vandalism. The light is powered from batteries which are charged by two solar panels, and mounted on the outside of the prison cells.

The Betta Prison Cell Light consists of the following components: 4 x 18 Amp/hr low maintenance lead acid batteries 2 x battery boxes and controllers 5 x LED cell lights 5 x steel housings All relevant fittings
The solar panels and battery boxes are mounted on a galvanized pole that is normally supplied by our client. Other potential applications for this light can be: Remote security posts Security guard houses at corporate parks Main entrances at warehouses Or any robust lighting requirement
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Betta Lights is a proud member of Southern African Renewable Energy Association (SAAEA)