Gauteng (South Africa) Energy Efficiency Seminar…Thursday 26th August 2010


    The province of Gauteng is the primary economic driving force for the continent of Africa. It also contains a densely populated urban metropolis, which along with the mining, processing, manufacturing and construction sectors has an immense appetite for energy.
    Due to its relevance to Africa and thus to the world, Gauteng
    is strategically critical to any discourse about sustainability, and
    energy is at the epicentre of that issue.
    Introducing the Gauteng Energy Efficiency Seminar – an
    event that seeks to promote knowledge about the realities of
    energy consumption in Gauteng, identify the opportunities for
    achieving efficiencies, and facilitate the lifting of institutional
    barriers to unlocking these opportunities.
    Hosted by the EnerKey Initiative of the University of
    Johannesburg, the Gauteng Energy Efficiency Seminar will
    bring together provincial and local government, commerce
    and industry and professionals and consultants to discuss,
    debate, learn about and ultimately implement effective energy
    efficiency interventions.
    This intensive, one day seminar will feature elucidating
    presentations from world class speakers such as invited
    luminaries John L Less (Clinton Climate Foundation), Head of
    Gauteng Energy Efficiency Strategy, Dr Ajay Mathur (DG of
    the India Bureau of Energy Efficiency), Jeremy Gibberd – CSIR,
    Prof. Elsa du Toit (SAHA International) as well as other regional
    thinkers and decision-makers, with an emphasis on the facts
    and on practical, effective solution finding.
    Also happening at the Seminar: the official launch of the
    Sustainable Energy Resource Handbook, edited by Professor
    Elsa du Toit, Associate Director at SAHA International and
    former Director for Energy Efficiency at the DME. All attending
    delegates will receive a free copy of the Handbook.
    Glean a deeper understanding of why Gauteng is embracing
    EE from those that are directing energy efficiency
    internationally and in Gauteng, network with regional decision
    makers in industry, commerce and government and leverage
    these new ideas and relationships into your activities and
    The Gauteng Energy Efficiency Seminar is a micro-event and
    limited delegate seats are available.
    Venue….The CSIR International Conventional Centre, Pretoria
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    NOTICE…Change of event name and date….