Largest biomass power plant in the world

    Alholmens Kraft with Larsmo in the background.

     Alholmens Kraft Ab. We produce electricity, process steam and district heating for our owners, who in turn use the power themselves or sell it on to the end consumers. We produce environmentally friendly power to the most advantageous prices possible while still aiming for a sustainable development.
    In our steam boiler we use wood-based bio-fuels as the main fuel as well as peat. Pit coal is used as a reserve fuel. Our new power plant AK2 is the largest biomass power plant in the world. Our aim is to keep the amount of bio-fuel used as high as possible. The company’s owners have set an example in taking the brave and far-reaching step to invest in the largest biomass power plant in the world. At the same time, the owners have shown a strong will to reach the goals set by the European Union, namely the use of bio-fuels and the reduction of the carbon dioxide emissions. The electricity produced by the plant is sold in open competition on the Nordic market. The better the competitiveness of the power plant, the greater the use of bio-fuels will be and the further the bio-fuel market will develop.

    Fuel – Bark
    The wood-based fuel makes up 40-50% of the combustion, which corresponds to 1,500 GWh per year. The UPM Kymmene pulp and saw mill provides the power plant wit two-thirds of the wood-based fuel and small saw mills in the region deliver an amount corresponding to 200GWh per year. The wood chips give about 300GWh per year. The chips (which are left-overs from the forestry industry) are made into bales of sprigs in the forest and crushed by a slow-speed chrusher at the power plant.

    Fuel – Peat
    The peat is supplied from two larger areas and a few smaller ones. The annual use is 1,700 GWh, which is about 45-55% of the entire fuel consumption. The peat is fetched within a radius of 100 kilometres and the daily deliveries reach about 100 lorry loads. The current amount of peat produced by Alholmens Kraft itself is about 10%. At maximum load, a lorry-load of peat is burned in 6-8 minutes in the boiler.

    Fuel – Pit coal
    The pit coal is imported from Poland as well as other countries and it makes up about 10% of the total fuel consumption. The coal is used as a auxilliary fuel.