French energy efficiency solutions company enters local market


    Mexel Energy, based in Pretoria, is proud to announce its entry into the South African market.
    The company’s focus is energy efficiency where, as renewable energy consultants and project developers, they are able to offer environmentally friendly and sustainable solutions to industry, in order to reduce their carbon emission footprint.
    Mexel Energy are the appointed agents for MEXEL industries, a French company established in 1990, who have since been supplying products to prominent, high profile international customers with proven successful results.
    MEXEL produces eco-friendly emulsions that are tailored to solve Inherent Biological Fouling (BioFouling) and Corrosion problems in the cooling water circuits of any high energy, heat dependant, industrial process. These solutions result in increased thermal efficiency, thereby reducing fossil fuel usage, maintenance costs and resulting in major financial benefits to the customer, including a reduction in Carbon Emissions. The main target areas include, inter alia, the power generation companies and other independent power producers, as well as the petroleum-, cement-, steel- and various other energy intensive industries.
    Mexel Energy offers innovative concepts, including a Virtual Power Station (VPS) division which will Design, Build and Operate a VPS designed specifically for the customer in order to promote their energy efficiency targets.
    According to the company’s General Manager, Jurie Lombard, “we are very proud to be associated with such a world leader and assure the market of our commitment to sustainability in terms of the environment. We are also extremely excited about the prospects of our VPS business model as it is a unique concept in creating energy savings and will make a large contribution to the reduction of Green House Gas Emissions.”