(AARTO) demerit system delayed



Clarity regarding the implementation of Administrative Adjudication Of Road Traffic Offences (AARTO)

16 Sep 2010
In light of the recent misunderstanding and public panic around the implementation of AARTO and the demerit points system, the Road Traffic Management Corporation (RTMC) would like to assure the public that AARTO will not be implemented on the 1 October 2010.
The recent announcement by the Minister of Transport about 1 October 2010 was in relation to the National Rolling Enforcement implementation, and the launch of the AARTO communication and educational campaign. The dates for the national implementation of AARTO will be announced by the Minister in due course.
For further information please contact
Basil Nkhwashu
Road Traffic Management Corporation
Cell 071 680 3438
Issued by: Road Traffic Management Corporation
16 Sep 2010

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