Tanzania: Singida Wind Project Gets Obama Support


Dar es Salaam — The Singida 100MW wind-powered electricity project will soon feed into the national grid, after getting public backing from US President Barack Obama last week.

Obama is an outspoken supporter of renewable energy sources.

Rashid Shamte, the promoter of the project and owner of Six Telecoms said, “This is a much-welcomed development into our project, which is already enjoying the support of the government of Tanzania, Tanzania Electric Supply Company (TANESCO) and the World Bank.”

He said the project is a result of partnering with Aldwych International which has committed to develop 400 megawatts of clean wind power in Kenya and Tanzania which will represent the first large scale wind project in the two countries, and an associated investment of $1.1 billion.

The $285 million (Tsh456 billion/-) project aims at tapping the huge wind power potential available in Tanzania so as to relegate to history the reliance on costly, fuel-generated power and unreliable hydroelectricity.

The World Bank is a leading supporter of the project, through the International Finance Corporation.

Located 700 kilometres from Dar es Salaam, the Singida wind farm will produce power through wind turbines to help diversify Tanzania’s electricity away from hydropower.

When the hydropower supply drops during times of drought, Tanzania has had to turn to costly thermal generation.

Wind energy can boost power supply, with Singida expected to add 100 MW of capacity.


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