Protocols of doing business with China


    Did you know that it is considered very bad manners to write on a business card without being invited to do so? And asking someone to turn off their mobile phones during a meeting is a major intrusion and is viewed as an insult?

    If you are doing business with China, these are just two of the protocols that it would be in your best interest to know.

    The organisers of IMEXPO, (18 to 20 May) the biggest China-SADC Trade and Investment expo ever to be held, realised that there are many hidden pitfalls to doing business between the regions. They have produced an e-book which will help you to ensure that your business dealings go without a hitch. The e-book, titled “Getting to Know You” is available from IMEXPO. To obtain your free copy log on to

    This major SADC-China trade fair and investment forum which opens in Johannesburg in a month’s time (18 to 20 May) will be the first demonstrable result of BRIC membership and the benefits it will have in terms of investment for the SADC region as a whole.

    The IMEXPO SADC-China Trade Fair and Investment Forum at the MTN Expo Centre from May 18 – 20 is expected to kickstart the biggest-ever investment of Chinese money into the South African and SADC economies.

    For more information about IMEXPO, go to

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