Reduce electricity costs by 10-50%. Electric Buddy.


    * Reduce electricity costs by 10-50%

    * Save up to 50% on your electricity bill

    * Easy to use, no wiring needed. Just plug in and start saving

    * Prolong the lifespan of electrical appliances

    * 60 Day money back GUARANTEE

    * 2 Year WARRANTY

    * Absolutely NO MAINTENANCE

    The Electric Buddy stabilizes the voltages and also reduces currents when appliances are switched on. The Electric Buddy prevents the appliances from generating additional heat – which is a result of excess energy. That excess energy is wasted as it doesn’t help to improve performance. You however, still pay for that energy even if wasted. By stabilizing the voltage and currents the Electric Buddy will ensure that no energy is wasted and thus optimizes the energy usage of all electrical equipment in your house.

    An added benefit of the Electric Buddy is that is prolongs the lifespan of the electrical equipment and thus ensures efficiency of equipment for a longer time. You thus save money immediately and in the long run.

    Through this whole process the Electric Buddy will reduce the energy usage and thus electricity bills with up to 50% a month.
    When considering the R50 saving on every R100 or R500 saving on every R1000 you can clearly see how you can fight high living costs through our Electric Buddy!

    It is so easy to use, just plug the Electric Buddy into any of the indoor outlets . It will be more efficient if you choose a location where there are fewer appliances nearby and closest to the meter.

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