Homologation for EV’s.

    The first applications for Homologation (roadworthiness) of electric vehicles are being prepared by Melex Electrovehicles for their Hi Rise and 14 seater shuttle bus.

    14 Seat shuttle bus R235,000.00 including VAT and excluding registration costs

    Hi Rise 4 Seat or Utility R80,000.00 including VAT and delivery ex registration costs. 

    All the above have a range of 100KM with a top speed of 50KPH, are right hand drive with laminated windscreens, window washers, full lights, speedo, hooter and seatbelts.
    In studies done in comparison to petrol and diesel vehicles they have found the following: 50 to 60% reduction in operating costs – fuel, maintenance, registration and insurance…35 to 50% reduction in total cost of ownership.

    “In order to homologate a vehicle a sample must be supplied for evaluation, supported by a large body of documented evidence provided by the original manufacturer, including inspection and test reports compiled by recognised laboratories or inspection authorities. The evidence must cover the characteristics of the complete vehicle, as well as all components referred to in the applicable standards and codes of practice.”

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