Drinking and utility water from seawater


    The provisions of drinking and utility water from seawater have become a globalchallenge, and people around the world are working on innovative technologies andprocesses to make water resources sufficiently available. Around 13.000 major seawaterdesalination plants are currently operating and producing a total of 3 Billion cubic meters of drinking water per day with an upward tendency. Seawater desalination has developedinto a worldwide growth market where the need dictates the prices.

    Ever since the 1970s, modern desalination processes have been developed ininternational, large scale research projects. Throughout the years it was mainly Germancompanies and research institutes that laid the foundation for this rapid development of seawater desalination with innovative methods and technologies. But in the recent years,nations like Korea, Italy, the UK, France, USA and Japan have caught up on thetechnology and are dominating the world market. Still German companies have alwayshad a considerable knowhow in the field of seawater desalination, especially when itcomes to using alternative energy methods.