Vertical Green Energy now in South Africa


Vertical Green Energy a subsidiary of Megabit Smart Telecom Solutions (Pty) Ltd. Trading as Megabit and based in Johannesburg, South Africa.
With more than 40 years’ experience in the Telecommunications Industry of which a big part consisted in designing and construction of infrastructure for telecom sites we decided to investigate the possibility to utilize wind energy to complement the power requirements on GSM and other telecommunication sites.
After researching and evaluating various available product ranges in this segment we came across a product that immediately attracted our attention. We were looking for a reliable cost effective product that would be pleasing on the eye and be able to produce power without being heard. It must also be simple to install and require almost zero maintenance.
We eventually found this product manufactured and supplied by a company in the USA with their own design, testing and manufacturing facility in China. The company Urban Green Energy listened to our requirements and agreed to sign a distribution agreement with Megabit to market and support their product in Southern Africa.
We purchased a demonstration unit and installed it on a 6 meter trailer for demonstration and display purposes. We also plan to make this unit available to training institutions in South Africa to assist with training students in this subject and to introduce the “South African thinkers of the future” to the latest technology in small wind turbines in the World.
We believe that energy in Southern Africa should be used with care and that the time is right to bring onto the market the latest technology in wind energy generation. We have also analyzed the South African Domestic, Government and Corporate environment and found that our product will compliment efforts in rural development by bringing the power generation to the point of use. There are at least 3000+ schools and clinics in South Africa without basic electricity. Of which some of the schools produce on a yearly basis top students.
To ensure that our product is made available to all in Southern Africa we have decided on a channel distribution system whereby we will appoint approved dealers in all major cities in the country. They will deal with the potential and existing users in their specific area and ensure the best possible service to the end user.
If you are interested in becoming a distributor of this unique and state of the art product please do not hesitate to contact us today.

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