Gamesa wind turbines for Kingdom of Lesotho, South Africa

Gamesa is to be awarded the contract for supplying turbines for a 25-35 MW farm to be built near the major diamond mine at Letseng-La-Terai, Lesotho. Lesotho, a land-locked Kingdom surrounded by South Africa, is a major exporter of diamonds, but is one of the world’s poorer countries.

The project is being developed by South African consultancy NETGroup in partnership with Lesotho’s Powerdev Group. The two signed a joint agreement with the Government of Lesotho last December.

At present the main electricity generation for Lesotho is the hydroelectric power station at Muela, drawing power from the water travelling to South Africa. Water exits from the three 24MW turbines into the Muela tailpond, a 55m high, 6 million cubic metre capacity dam, built on the Nqoe River.


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