ZM Pumps, MicoHydro, Swoop Wind Turbines, Batteries.


Company started 2 years ago supplying Brazilian made water wheel pumps to our agricultural industry.
Demand from farmers for energy self sufficiency has led to us offering Swoop wind turbines, Powerpal MicroHydro water turbines, Tenesol Photovoltaic panels, IEB Deep Cycle AGM batteries and ZM Wind Powered pumps.
Modest scale biogas digesters and methane turbines are also on the drawing board.

ZM Pumps
Pump water for free, using only nature’s energy. We offer water pumps, wind pumps, high pressure cleaners and water wheel power generators.
ZM Pompe      

Electricity from water

PowerpalMicro Hydro
The PowerPal range of hydro-electric power generators, developed and produced in Vietnam and ideal for African conditions.

Swoop Wind Turbines

Swoop Wind Turbines 

This range of wind turbines can provide between 1kW and 20kW. We supply generators, controllers, invertors and towers to suit your needs.

IEB Deep Cycle Batteries

IEB Batteries

A range of specialized batteries to suit wind / water turbines as well as PV and solar.
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Invited to Exhibit at GREENEX2010
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