Where do South African Region’s Power come from.


A forecast of where South African Region’s electricity will come from for the next 3 years.

The power will come from South Africa’s Eskom, which targeted to commission a total of 1,729MW from six plants. Zimbabwe’s ZESA will weigh in with 100MW from its Hwange Thermal, Angola’s ENE, 83MW from the Lobito Thermal, DRC’s SNEL, 55MW from the rehabilitation of Inga 1, TANESCO of Tanzania, 45MW from Tegeta Gas and Zambia’s ZESCO will add 30MW from Kariba North Hydro rehabilitation. Last year, a total of 1,442MW were added to the grid against a planned target of 2,014MW.
Source   allAfrica.com
SAAEA notices that no mention is made of alternative energy sources ?