USTDA signs grants for solar and battery projects in Sub-Saharan Africa


The US Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) on Thursday awarded three grants for projects in Sub-Saharan Africa that would focus on solar power generation, energy storage and energy efficiency.

In Nigeria, USTDA has awarded a grant to local firm Community Social Enterprises Limited (CESEL) for a feasibility study supporting the roll-out of 25 solar photovoltaic (PV) microgrids, together producing over 5 MW.

CESEL has hired US-based Renewvia Energy Corporation to carry out the study, which will focus on providing solar power for rural and peri-urban communities lacking reliable access to electricity. The idea is to deploy microgrid systems that use the “pay-as-you-go” structure.

In Kenya, USTDA has partnered with local firm Xago Africa Limited to develop a utility-scale solar PV project with battery storage in Siaya County. USTDA said that batteries maker Alevo USA Inc will provide technology and analytics services for the scheme.

Also, the agency has signed a grant with the Kenya Electricity Generating Co Ltd, better known as KenGen, for a study assessing the use of US technologies to increase energy efficiency and power production. Nevada-based Langson Energy Inc will undertake that study.