The Southern African Association for Energy Efficiency (SAEE)


Southern African Association for Energy Efficiency (SAEE)
Profile of the SAEE 
It is the mission of the SAEE to: Provide a proactive, integrated networking capability for all energy stakeholders to add value to the business of energy in Southern Africa. The SAEE’s vision is to provide: Energy excellence through networking, capacity building and empowerment. Serving the stakeholders of the energy efficiency market and promoting energy efficiency by addressing their needs and being a conduit for information dissemination. The following values are of utmost importance to the SAEE:
Commitment; Efficiency; Integrity; Transparency; Equity; and Communication.
The primary stakeholders that can directly benefit from the SAEE and its initiatives are the following: End Users; Utilities and Major Role Players; Energy Service Industry; Government; Affiliate Organizations; Manufacturers; and Solution Providers.
The purpose of the SAEE is to form a local (Southern African) organization that: Provides the networking opportunities to all energy stakeholders. Forms linkages with international counterparts such as the Association of Energy Engineers in the USA and other countries. Oversee capacity building, training and certification in energy management and related issues. Assists in establishing credibility to the energy engineering profession.

Invited to Exhibit at GREENEX2010
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