Now’s your chance to give the gift of light

Your donation can help make a safer, healthier life for a child or family living in poverty.

An estimated 1.6 billion people live without access to electricity.

Left in the dark, most turn to paraffin and other fossil fuels for light.
Living with a paraffin lamp is like smoking 40 cigarettes a day, and more than 1.8 million people a year die from complications arising from indoor air pollution. Paraffin fires are common, killing more than 1 million each year.

The problem affects us all: The smoke and CO2 coming from the world’s fuel lanterns is equivalent to the exhaust from 30 million cars.

With quality light, a family can continue being productive – cooking, studying, earning extra money for the family – into the night. Without it, a family is one step further from escaping poverty.

SAAEA have launched project “Light a Life” to assist in distributing solar lights to learners in South African rural areas with no access to electricity.

   Cheyenne Ellis  
SAAEA field workers will, free of charge, distribute donated lights to deserving learners and obtain digital photos and personal details forwarded to the benefactors as proof of their donation.

A special price of R108.00 (Normal retail) R135.43 have been negotiated with the supplier, Green Alternative Energy Solutions (GAES) on their Nokero solar globes.
For corporate orders of 48 or more, kindly contact….