Global Citizens Climate Pledge


Citizens around the world can show their concern about the serious risk that climate change poses for present and future generations, and commit to take personal action.The initiative was launched in New York, Climate Week and Marrakech, COP22 in collaboration with the Climate Neutral Now initiative by UN Climate Change Secretariat.

The pledge urges citizens to cut their personal climate footprint by half within 10 years. The pledge was initially launched by Myrskyvaroitus ry (Storm Warning Association) in Finland last year. It has been signed by thousands of Finnish citizens, including prominent artists, business leaders and politicians.

By visiting the Citizen’s Climate Pledge website, citizens can calculate their personal CO2 footprint and then pledge to reduce it by half within 10 years by making low carbon choices around energy use, travel, eating and consumption habits, electronic devices and household appliances, and by offsetting emissions they cannot reduce.

“Citizens’ role in the mitigation of climate change is bigger than most of us expect. It has been estimated that the households role is about 68% of our national carbon footprint. We have studied that with just a handful of energy and transportation related choices and solutions, citizens can have significant potential to reduce CO2 emissions in Finland.” Jouni Keronen, Storm Warning Board Member and Executive Director of Climate Leadership Council

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