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Renewable Energy Association of Swaziland.
REASWA is a registered, non-profit making NGO whose mission is to promote sustainable energy through energy efficiency and the cost-effective use of renewable energy, in an environmentally sustainable and socially acceptable manner.

EVHUB.BIZ, a destination website targeting Electric Vehicles related companies, is uniquely positioned in India’s small business market. With our exponentially growing visitors, the majority of which are Indian EV companies, dealers and customers, we can deliver your 
product catalogues to a highly targeted audience.

We are a dynamic team interested in helping people find exactly what they want first time with all energy related matters
Executive Team

Green Wave Energy Corporation’s mission is to make alternative energy an easy and mainstream choice for today’s world.

WIND POWER AFRICA 2011 is the premier international event on wind energy in Africa hosted by the African Wind Energy Association in partnership with other African and international organizations.

We publish inspiring stories of those living and working with Earth always in mind. We  share common sense sustainability thinking as well as practical steps to change how you interface with this planet and do business. Our aim is to help increase the speed at which our society makes the essential shift to renewable energy, water conservation, species protection and a carbon free society. Because there’s no time to waste. 
Our mission is to make it easy and fun to green up your life. Join our publication by hitting the ‘subscribe’ button – it’s free. Please help us spread the green news by recommending it to your friends. Only together can we turn this challenge into an opportunity for greater community, greater awareness and more sacred living.

iGreen Africa is a non profit organisation committed to ensuring environmental sustainability in Africa, through Action, Awareness & Advocacy. ceo@igreenafrica.org

African Renewable Energy Alliance    The African Renewable Energy Alliance [AREA] is a global platform for policy makers, business, civil society and academia to exchange information and consult about policies, technologies and financial mechanisms for the accelerated uptake of renewable energies in Africa. In the quest for sustainable solutions at regional, national and international level, AREA plays a catalytic role in promoting knowledge transfer and international cooperation.

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