Solar Baked Beans


To return to a simpler existence – an off-the-grid lifestyle – this blog is a chronicle of our family’s attempt (via recycled goods, solar power / solar cooking, wind turbines, LED lights, double glazing, etc) to make a positive contribution to our amazing planet and to lower our ecological footprint. 

The purpose of this blog is to share all the eco-friendly information I have gathered over many months with anyone in South Africa who would like to live in a more eco-friendly way on a daily basis in order to reduce their ecological footprint.  All the information / items I have sourced took ages to find, for there is no main directory on the Net that lists sites in South Africa which can help lessen our eco-footprint or which supplies eco-friendly products – just as there is a dearth of shop in this country devoted to only selling eco-friendly items.  We are a long way behing Europe and America!  Africa is the Cradle of Humankind, and we should be at the forefront in the race to reduce our eco-footprint.

We hope that the eco-friendly journey my man and I are embarking on will enable our children, especially our gandson, to discover that living an eco-friendly lifestyle does not necessarily mean there need to be drastic changes to one’s lifestyle.

The start of this journey can be viewed at: