Clean Technology business and investment matchmaking


The first Clean Technology business and investment matchmaking conference for the African continent is was held in Johannesburg South Africa. Called Viridis Africa, the event is dedicated to entrepreneurs and corporates who are seeking funding to introduce clean technology solutions and services.

According to conference organiser, Suza Adam, managing member of Spindle Communications, “principals who presented their business opportunities at this event had the audience of numerous local and foreign investors. Investors included venture capital, private equity, project and corporate finance outfits and others dedicated to the clean tech sector.”

Proposals were invited from clean tech sub-sectors including clean energy generation (wind, solar, hydro, biofuels, geothermal, clean coal technologies), storage (fuel cells, advanced batteries, hybrid systems), efficiency (smart grids, waste heat recovery), water & waste water (water treatment, water conservation, waste water treatment, desalination) and recycling and waste (recycling, waste treatment, organic matter, plastics) etc.

Research and development projects in the above sectors was also presented.

“In the main the conference and its exhibition endeavous to bring about a vibrant market trading place for entrepreneurs and corporates to propose and conclude investment deals with funders”, concludes Adam.

Although the event is to be held once a year, it is designed to give the participants long term continuity vis a vis the provision of web-based interaction platforms, inducing social networks, virtual market place and other interactive features.

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