Waterlite Solar Heaters


WaterLite Solar Water Heaters are
specifically designed by us for our AFRICAN conditions.
WaterLite is the superior performing, indirect, freeze resistant Solar Water Heater in South Africa.
WaterLite Solar Water Heaters are available in 3 different sizes: 100 Lt, 150 Lt and 200 litre.
WaterLite Solar Water Heaters caters for both flat and pitched roof options.
WaterLite Solar Water Heaters have been SABS tested and compliant with SANS 1307 standards. (Current reports are valid to December 2009)
Rebate amounts are as follows: 150Lt = R2548
200Lt = R3289
This type of evacuated tube solar water heater system is unique to WaterLite.


Invited to Exhibit at GREENEX2010
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