Solar traffic lights for Gweru – Zimbabwe


The local authority here has resolved to install solar powered traffic lights as it battles frequent power cuts that have resulted in road accidents in the city centre.

The solar system was designed in South Africa and provides total off-electricity grid services while lasting for up to 25 years. The lighting is theft and vandal-proof, making it cost effective. Maintenance is said to be remarkably easy and cheap.

The Town Clerk, Daniel Matawu, said the council was in the process of calling for bids to ensure that installation of the lights is in line with tender processes. “As the rainy season approaches, we feel the latest development can avert accidents,” he said. The traffic lights are expected to be placed on 16 intersections in the country’s third largest city.

Once the council finishes with tender processes, Matau said, the Zimbabwe National Roads Association would be expected to help with financial subsidies.

Motorists who spoke to The Zimbabwean were delighted. “This should have been done long back. We call for speedy implementation of the project,” said Zenzo Mutirori.




  1. Last year I went to Zimbabwe twice looking for similar project and I think we can help from Mozambique because we have done similar projects recently and we have stock of the traffic light in our stores in Maputo, the people of Zimbabwe really need this kind of projects the traffic light’s and street lights i saw in Harare last here are completely obsolete
    Can be done affordable or cheaper using solar panel made in Mozambique using SADC commercial agreements and facilities to export the Solar Modules to Zimbabwe