OECD/DIE Side Event Invitation – Bonn June 8, 15:00 “How Best to Incorporate Adaptation in the 2015 Agreement”


The OECD and DIE would like to invite you to a SB42 side event on June 8 at 15h in room Kaminzimmer on


How best to incorporate adaptation in the 2015 agreement?


This side event will present results of recent analyses by OECD, DIE and the OECD/IEA’s Climate Change Expert Group of private and public adaptation interventions on the ground, and draw out the key implications for the role of adaptation in the post-2015 agreement. The presentations will be followed by a panel discussion.


Facilitators: Simon Buckle (OECD and Imme Scholz (DIE)




  • Jane Ellis (OECD) – The role of the 2015 Agreement in Enhancing Adaptation to Climate Change
  • Pieter Pauw (DIE) – Private adaptation and adaptation finance: opportunities and challenges
  • Michael Mullan (OECD) –  Assessing countries’ progress on adaptation: M&E and the NAP process


Panellists: Richard Klein (SEI), Linda Siegele (UCL) and Batu Uprety (LEG)(tbc)


Main discussion questions:


  • How can an international agreement enhance adaptation actions at the national and sub-national level
  • Should private sector adaptation or adaptation finance be explicitly mentioned in the Paris Agreement, and if so, how?
  • How best can the monitoring and reporting arrangements for the 2015 agreement strike a balance between consistency with countries’ existing systems and international comparability?


We look forward to seeing you there!


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