IMEON ENERGY solves the electricity crisis in South Africa


France, Brest – 20th March, 2015


IMEON ENERGY, leading French designer and manufacturer of solar self-consumption inverters, provides South Africa with solar and battery management systems as durable back-up alternatives during the frequently recent load shedding, which is considered the most challenging since 2008.

In light of the energy mix need in the country, IMEON ENERGY signed strategic partnerships with Rubicon Renewables and Telecom Techniques to provide their South African customer base with an integrated smart grid technology that combines both off-grid and grid-tie functions in one intelligent inverter for residential and mid-size commercial applications, with possible combination with generator sets.

Autonomy and energy independence are the key IMEON promise for the end customer to use what they produce. The IMEON ENERGY self-consumption concept is to directly consume one’s own solar production, charge batteries with the surplus of solar power, and feed-in to the grid only if there is further excess of solar production. The result is an industry leading inverter boasting a 30% solar efficiency advantage over traditional systems, therefore 30% more electricity bill savings, with the beauty of instant plug-and-play technology and global real-time monitoring via smart phone app.

This technique prolongs the batteries’ life due to drastic reduction of unnecessary battery cycling, a common phenomenon of traditional inverter chargers, and consequently reduces the cost of battery replacements. In case of power outages, IMEON provides Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) from solar and battery sources until the grid is back on.

The strategic partnership between IMEON ENERGY and its South African peers is key to providing turnkey solar energy and storage solutions for the South African residential and commercial market. With frequent grid failure and erratic supply, there is an urgent and growing need for intelligent UPS solutions for the residential as well as medium sized industrial market.

“Such residential and commercial smart grid solutions provide energy autonomy, all while maintaining a high level of grid interactivity to support the network during black outs, or during future expansion of the grid to isolated sites that are already equipped with IMEON smart inverters”, adds Christophe Goasguen, Director of Operations at IMEON ENERGY. With such objectives, the French company is obtaining TÜV Rheinland certification for the South African grid integration standard, NRS 097-2-1.

Telecom Techniques, renewable energy specialists in Port Elisabeth with seventeen years of technical service, are offering the IMEON ENERGY self consumption solutions for installers in South Africa.

Rubicon Renewables distributes and develops turnkey EPC projects with IMEON smart inverters together with their installers across South Africa with offices in Cape Town, Port Elisabeth, Johannesburg and East London. Rubicon is presenting the IMEON solutions during the Solar Show Africa in Johannesburg held from 24th to 25th March 2015.

About IMEON ENERGY: Based in the French Brittany region, the leading manufacturer of smart inverters for solar self-consumption is experiencing strong growth. The IMEON self-use solution provides an answer to the fluctuation of renewable energy, by consolidating different sources of energy through one inverter and a storage system. IMEON smart inverters are sold through a network of over 22 French and international distributors, and are available across 70 countries.