Wind Turbine Charge Controllers made in South Africa

microcare WindTurbineController10 
The Microcare MPPT utilizes PWM and integrated technology to provide greater than 97% efficiency from your wind turbine. The MPPT Tracker is far superior to the standard linear controllers and will put far more power into the batteries particularly at low wind speeds. Due to the very fast algorithm it carefully matches the speed of the turbine to its optimum power point. The controller automatically reads the battery voltage and sets up the charge parameters for that battery set. It defines when the batteries are full and then carefully selects the dump load to ensure the wind turbine does not over speed but still ensuring that maximum charge is delivered to the batteries.

What you can be sure of is that the Microcare MPPT charge controller will deliver the highest charge current possible for a given set of operating conditions. The ability to step down a high voltage turbine to a low voltage battery can save you money by reducing the size of the wire required and making the installation simpler and faster.