well worn theatre brings climate change action play to jozi

Submitted by sproutingforth on Wed, 2010-09-01 12:42.
I’m a fan of theatre in any form. I particularly admire those who do theatre with a message (alright, I know all theatre has a message, but, you know), especially one with climate change for school kids. And this one is aimed at grades 5 to 9.
What’s more, the team of actors, are prepared to act just about anywhere – in a quad, hall or field – just so that they can get their message across.
The “high-octane, action-packed adventure story” by the theatre team Craig Morris, Lerato Moloi, Jacques De Silva and Joni Barnard, from the Well Worn Theatre Company has already made it to the halls and quads of at least 20 schools with their climate change programme.
The team take you on a voyage around the world, on their preferred mode of transport – two carbon-kicking bicycles (one with its own solar cooker on the back for making popcorn). The message, which includes all the elements of global warming, fossil fuels, deforestation, waste and renewable energy, is great.
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The team also meet with the teachers before the show just so that they can emphasise why they feel climate change and energy is such an important part of children’s every day learning. And they provide supportive gear like CFL light bulbs, tree packs, learning materials, web tools, posters and fun activities. All to inspire schools to cut carbon and get climate active.
Call them on 011 023 9440
sms them on 076 715 2414
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for more: www.wellworn.org.za/