Trevor Manuel Supports Solar Water Heater Industry Development


“Speaking at the release of the Medium Term Strategic Framework (MTSF), Minister in The Presidency responsible for planning Trevor Manuel indicated that it was becoming urgent for new projects to be unearthed, particularly as the tournament-related projects were nearing completion”. As reported by Creamer Media July 14th 2009, “He was particularly keen to stimulate the creation of an industrial base able to produce and install sustainable energy technologies, such as solar water heaters, at new human settlements, as well as retrofits for existing houses.
He lamented the fact that the solar water heater opportunity had not yet been fully grasped by industry. “I think the way in which we bring industrial policy together with those opportunities . . . can ensure that we not only don’t import, but we also ensure sustainable resource utilisation,” Manuel concluded”. It seems that on the political level there is a huge amount of support for the industry to play a major role in helping to improve service delivery for the South African government.
Kayema Group