The Sustainable Energy Resource Handbook


Like all countries South Africa needs energy security and access to energy for all. Can these objectives be achieved through renewable energy resources? If so how quickly? Do we first have to go dirty and then clean up later? Or can we realistically leapfrog the dirty development phase? If this scenario is possible, what suite of interconnected simultaneous policies, investments and technological advancements would have to take place?
How will the rising cost of energy impact on development in South Africa and what interventions can industrial, commercial, agricultural and residential users introduce to counter these impacts in the short and medium term.

Take Advantage of South Africa’s Premier Sustainable Energy Resource Handbook Which Reaches 20 000 Energy Sector Stakeholders  

The Sustainable Energy Resource Handbook is the definitive B2B guide for those who have an active interest in this hugely meaningful sector. Edited by Dr. Elsa Du Toit, and with chapters contributed by thought leaders, researchers and industry experts from South Africa and abroad, the Sustainable Energy Resource Handbook will be the Essential Guide for those who can influence the path towards energy sustainability.

The Handbook seeks to educate and inform stakeholders and role players about policy, research, trends, technologies, opportunities and products that are and will be impacting positively on the Energy sector in South Africa.