The International Global Change Institute (IGCI) is Sponsoring Students


The International Global Change Institute (IGCI) is Sponsoring Students

IGCI is a not-for-profit NGO run from Hamilton, New Zealand. Many of the staff at CLIMsystems are involved in IGCI activities.  The Institute is currently working with the Asia Pacific Network on projects and conference events. 

IGCI is now proud to announce a first tranche of sponsorship for 100 students in need of software support for their undergraduate or masters research. Upon confirmation of a student’s registration and a letter of support from their institution and other small administrative matters, a full version of SimCLIM 2013 or DSSAT Perturb will be provided for one year. 

We encourage readers of this newsletter to share this opportunity with their networks. This offer is in recognition of the need to begin building a base of knowledgeable students who will then follow on to higher level activities with a sound understanding of climate science and risk and resilience. All of which can be enhanced through the application of SimCLIM 2013 or DSSAT Perturb in your studies. 

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