centre in rural KwaZulu Natal in South Africa.


Specialist in rural energy solutions
Solar home PV systems
Mini grids for small rural communities
Solar water heating
Community energy upliftment programs
Paraffin, LPG and Gel fuel appliances and distribution

BOSCo has recently commissioned an energy centre in rural KwaZulu Natal in South Africa. The unique aspect of this centre is that it does not rely on the sale of petrol or Diesel.
The Highflats Energy Center (HEC)  sells a wide range of products, ranging from LPG to Gel fuel  and appliances linked to energy sources.
The HEC has a central store where all the products sold via the Coop members shops or homes which are located amongst the rural villages and homes. All purchases by the HEC are made directly from the energy manufacture, cutting out all the middlemen.  This allows the coop members to sell the products at very competitive prices right there where the customers are located. This means the customers save on taxi fares to get to town and they pay at prices lower than the shops in town charge.

Typical mini grid, hybrid wind and solar system

Large solar array tracking system

 Designed and manufactured in our Durban based factory

This tracking systems tracks the sun East to West even on overcast days, therefore ensuring the maximum output from the solar array. Up to 25% increase in energy output when compared to a static system.
Ideally suited for solar water pumping, telkom and other large scale solar systems.
Multiple tracking units can be coupled mechanically using a single drive system, reducing the cost of the installation

A&H solar thermal panels, A new concept in solar water heating

More efficient than a standard flat panel, suitable for direct and indirect systems. 100L, 150L and 200L panels available.
Extruded aluminum frame and toughened textured glass front panel. Panels supplied complete with mounting brackets that fit into the extruded frame. Can be installed on any roof structure or a mounting frame.  

          SolarFin high efficiency solar water heater

·         15% greater efficiency per square area than conventional flat panel systems

·         Finned copper riser tubes, greatly increase the panels efficiency
·         Textured toughened glass covering increases heat capture
·         Rugged coated extruded aluminum frame
·         Unique mounting configuration making use of clip-in Al mounting brackets
·         Mounting brackets clip in anywhere around the frame
·         Non corrosive insulated backing panel
·         Recessed ¾ inch BSP inlet and outlet fittings
·         No protruding pipe fittings that can not be damaged during transport and installation
·         Virtually no re-radiated heat
·         100 Liter 150L 200L models available
·         Indirect and direct thermo siphon panel available

·         Indirect system provide complete with circulating pump and differential temperature controller
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