Second phase of Lesotho highlands water scheme

The governments of South Africa and Lesotho are “ready” to implement the second phase of the Lesotho Highlands Water Project (LHWP), following progress on the finalisation of the draft agreement on the cross-border project.

The South African Cabinet deliberated on the project during its meeting on July 26 and spokesperson Jimmy Manyi said on Friday that the project would be pursued to enhance the use of water on the Senqu/Orange river by storing, regulating, diverting and controlling the flow of the shared river.
No investment values nor timeframes were provided, besides the fact the LHWP phase two development would be pursued as a joint project in accordance with the provisions of a treaty signed in 1986.
The development was being pursued to bolster the delivery of specified quantities of water to South Africa, but details were also not provided on the pricing of that water and what it could mean with regards the need for additional downstream processing and distribution infrastructure.