Renewable Energy Market Transformation (REMT) South Africa


The Renewable Energy Market Transformation Project (REMT) is a GEF/World Bank funded project launched to help South Africa eliminate barriers to renewable energy development as it strives to reduce the country’s GHG emissions and reach the renewable energy target of at least 10,000 GWh contribution to final energy consumption by 2013. The project has two main components namely the Renewable Energy Power Generation (REPG) sub-component and the Commercial Solar Water Heating (CSWH) sub-component.
Both sub-components offer matching grants (MG) for capacity-building to assist the beneficiaries to identify, prepare, and finance investments and improve their business and market development capabilities. The CSWH sub-component, has in addition to the MG, a performance grant (PG) for the ‘participating CSWH companies’ meant to support capacity-building subprojects covering the design, installation, or improvement, monitoring and documentation of demonstrative or path-breaking CSWH systems. For details of the available support contact the REMT secretariat at the DBSA on the details provided below
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REMT Matching Grant Funding Information:


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