President Uhuru Kenyatta breaks ground for Sh70b wind-power project, Africa’s biggest


The project is the biggest single private sector initiative in Africa, costing €623 million (about Sh70 billion), with a galaxy of investors participating in the project. Kenya is already a trendsetter in geothermal energy production and with the successful completion of the Lake Turkana Wind Power project, the country is expected to witness similar initiatives as the potential for wind power projects still exists in many parts of the country. President Kenyatta invited more investors to put their money in wind power production, saying the Government will continue improving the investment environment. He said this will encourage the private sector to play a bigger role in driving the Government’s transformation agenda. “Grab a copy of our Wind Atlas (developed in 2013) and do not hesitate to invest your money in Kenya,” said the President. Uhuru said Kenya will continue investing in green energy and creating the right environment for more investors in the energy sector. Kenya’s Turkana wind project finally starts, promises cheap power The wind farm at Sarima is a few kilometres from Koobi Fora Ridge, better known as the cradle of mankind.

The region does not support any other economic activity except nomadic animal husbandry due to its harsh weather. But this is set to change with the new investments that the power project will unveil. Uhuru Thursday told locals to take up the new opportunities and abandon negative practices that make the region unsafe. He said the new power plant will enable Kenya reduce the amount of thermal energy the country uses. The plant will produce 310MW of electricity and the first 90MW of power from the project is expected to be loaded onto the national grid by the end of next year. Power from the plant will cost 8.42 US cents per KW and is expected to drive down the cost of electricity.