Nigerian govt releases framework for solar mini-grid deployment


The Nigerian government has issued the modalities for the deployment of a solar mini-grid in the power industry.

Goddy Jedy-Egba, the Minister of State for Power, disclosed in Abuja on Tuesday that the framework would help maintain standards in the solar-mini grid subsector.

The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) had two days ago launched a solar intervention fund aimed at providing investors access to credit facility with an upper limit of N500 million which will, in turn, provide affordable electricity to rural dwellers.

The CBN solar connection initiative has an ambition of enlarging electricity access to 25 million individuals by means of supply of solar home systems or connection to a mini-grid.

Jedy-Egba said the scheme would resolve the issue of steep rise in inferior renewable energy machinery and equipment as well as shoddy designs and construction practices.

He observed that government was ramping up efforts to make electricity accessible to Nigerians.

According to the minister, the scheme would address the challenge posed by lack of uniformity in renewable energy projects.

It is anticipated that the intervention would provide a model for the installation of renewable energy and for contracting and practices.