Newsletter 30th August 2011

Taiwan PV Industry sponsors South African Visitors
Clean technology investment summit, Johannesburg 17 – 18 October 2011
Africa’s largest & highest level hydropower event?
Black or Bright South Africa
POWER‐GEN Africa announce Call for Papers Now Open
Energy Efficiency Seminar in Polokwane


Tender for Feasibility study of a Solar Park in South Africa
Renewable energy procurement in SA – a disquieting move from transparent to opaque
100% Energy from Renewables
Spring around the corner ?
Solar geyser programme in South Africa roll-out to be accelerated
Greener vehicle manufacturing
CSP Markets Report
A CSP Developers DNI Dream
CSP Today South Africa 2012
Visiting Africa’s most impressive hydropower sites!
Shale gas prospecting moratorium in South Africa extended
From bottles to buildings
New waste treatment methods in South Africa urged.
South African Renewables bid process moves ahead
New entrant to African CDM market
Krinner Screw Foundations