Maps and software for solar energy applications


    iMaps is the SolarGIS application providing high resolution data and interactive mapsof Global and Diffuse Horizontal Irradiation,Global Irradiation for optimum angle and 2-axis tracking surface, Direct Normal Irradiation, and Air Temperature for intuitive exploration and site selection.

    The application includes also maps and data of high resolution Digital Terrain Model with elevation, slope and azimuth information, Land Cover and Population maps with global world coverage.

    The maps and underlying databases represent a unique knowhow that is a result of long experience in geography, geo informatics, modelling, and in renewable energies.

    For flexible orientation in different scales the satellite map and topographic map from Google maps API are implemented in iMaps, too. In addition, by checking the “label” button a layer with Google maps labels with geo-names can be placed over/off the map anytime.


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