Kasapreko Unveils 400KW Solar Bottling Plant


Kasapreko Company Limited in collaboration with CrossBoundary Energy (CBE) Ghana Limited and Yingli Namene West Africa Limited have inaugurated a 400-kilowatt solar plant at Kasapreko bottling facility on the Spintex Road in Accra.

The plant would supply 570,570-KWh annually to support the needs of the facility and would help to displace power supplied by diesel generators at the height of the day and also allow Kasapreko to reduce its carbon emissions by over 4,600 tonnes over the lifespan of the plant.

CrossBoundary Energy Ghana, the first licensed operator to finance solar private partnership agreements for Ghanaian businesses, would operate the rooftop facility on behalf of Kasapreko as part of a 16-year solar services agreement.

Under the agreement, Kasapreko would only pay for solar power produced, receiving a single monthly bill that incorporates all maintenance, monitoring, insurance and financing costs.

The Yingli Namene originated the solar project while Kasapreko and SolarAfrica led in the design, procurement, and the construction of the plant.

CrossBoundary Energy Ghana has retained Yingli Namene to continue the provision of operations and maintenance services for the solar facility in its first year, with SolarAfrica responsible for asset management and performance monitoring.

Mr Richard Adjei, the Chief Executive Officer of Kasapreko Company Limited, in a statement copied to the Ghana News Agency on Thursday, said; ‘Our Company produces first-class beverages, using authentic traditional blends and world-class technology.

‘CrossBoundary Energy Ghana will supply renewable power to our largest industrial facility, allowing us to focus on serving our customers and shareholders, as well as helping our environment.’

Femi Fadugba, the Head of Business Development of CBE Ghana said; ‘Kasapreko is one of Ghana’s most successful home-grown companies, whose fully modernised operations are best-in-class.

‘CBE Ghana’s solar solution supplies the company with clean power at a discount to current energy costs, and our financing eliminated the need for any upfront spending by Kasapreko. We are pleased to support Kasapreko’s continued growth and success in Ghana through this landmark solar project.’

Firmin Nkamleu Ngassam, the Managing Director of Yingli Namene West Africa, said the installation phase of the plant provided employment to 23 engineering and construction professionals in Ghana and Yingli Namene’s local team, based in Accra, would continue to service the plant during its operation.

‘Yingli Namene has been present in the Ghanaian market since the incorporation of Yingli Namene West Africa in 2015, with a mission to bring solar power to the West African market and maximise its abundant solar resource.

‘We are delighted to have played a critical role in delivering this solar installation for a valued customer like Kasapreko. CBE Ghana’s fully-financed solution was a key enabler of the project, and we look forward to continue working together to fully supply Kasapreko’s solar energy needs.’