Hydrogen refuelling station powered by solar


Pdc Machines, located in Warminster, PA a manufacturer of diaphragm compression systems and systems integrator, has long been a proponent of hydrogen as an energy carrier. Over the years Pdc has partnered with the largest gas producers and technology companies to create practical and commercial worldwide acceptance of this concept. Our gas compression equipment is found in demonstration and commercial installations worldwide for hydrogen fueling of cars, buses and material handling equipment. Today, there are over 110 hydrogen fueling stations globally that are using a Pdc compressor or were packaged by Pdc.

One of our recent projects is Boeing Research & Technology designed and engineered an off grid solar-powered hydrogen refuelling station for UAVs at Ocaña airfield, Spain.

A Pdc hydrogen compressor, powered by CPV modules, is used as part of the refueling system to compress hydrogen up to 300 barg to maximize the endurance of UAVs”.