Grid-Tied PV in Meyersdal South Africa


A large solar electric installation in the Meyersdal Eco-Estate using Sanyo Photovoltaic (PV) panels and Outback Solar Regulation and Inverting equipment..

Photos taken during final stages of installation and initial commissioning of the system.
This is a new development, home.
Specs on the system:
Design by InSynch and AM Solar.
PV Bank = 24 x 210w Sanyo Solar Panels.
Battery Bank = 24 x 1200AH Tubular Cell 2v Cells (Raylite).
Inverters = 2 x 3kw Grid-Tied Outback FX Inverter/Chargers (in parallel).
Charge Controllers = 2 x Outback FM80’s and 1 x MX60.
Protection = multi DC circuit breakers and fuses. Note these are 100% DC breakers, not AC breakers with a DC rating. A common mistake made by our competitors.
Communications = Outback MATE2 and HUB10.
Load: +- 70% of the home is off-grid.
Backup = ESKOM grid connection
Commissioning and Operator training and manual = AM Solar – Professional Solar Solutions and Off-Grid Energy Specialists.


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