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Utilizing solar power has never been easier, and doing business has never been more reliable when you build your power system with us.

We provide complete technical assistance and the finest equipment when utilizing solar power to insure a successful project.
We carry all necessary components to integrate hybrid power into your project including solar geysers, photovoltaic panels, wind turbines, mounting structures, solar controllers, inverters, batteries, enclosures, wiring and fittings. So whether you need a few watts a day or mega watts we can provide the complete power system package.

We are able to provide you with sound advice and tried and tested technology to provide you with a real alternative in generating power, and there is no better way to be energy efficient than to install a FreePOWER High Efficiency Solar Panel

We specialize in solar hot water systems, hybrid energy generation, heating and cooling solutions.

Solar Hot water Solutions

-Solar Geysers
-Solar Heated Swimming Pools
-Solar Heated Underfloor Heating

Power Solutions

-Solar Energy
-Battery backup & Inverters (Hybrid Power Manager)
-Off-Grid power
-Grid Tied Solutions
-Wind Turbines
-Solar powered Boreholes
-Energy efficiency
-Electrical Power and Water Pumping in rural areas.

Our solutions are ideal for:

• Private homes
• Housing estates
• Lodges and Hotels
• Office parks
• Industrial power and heating
• Remote off-grid locations
• Schools
• Farms


Solar panels reduce your carbon footprint, reduces your dependency on fossil fuels and your dependency on grid power by using a free, natural, renewable resource – solar energy.
All our services, solutions and products are available throughout Southern Africa with offices and distribution facilities in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Nelspruit and Jeffreys Bay.

FreePower Solar Distribution cc
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Branches: Western Cape, Gauteng and expanding.  

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