Every drop of oil on earth comes from the buildup of algae.


Laurencia, a marine genus of Red Algae from Hawaii.
Every now and then you find a statement that makes sense and defines a complicated subject in a few words.
This to me is one of those.

 Every drop of oil on earth comes from the buildup of algae and other natural residue… buried, compressed, and eventually drilled–supplying our energy for over a century (and still counting).

And, consider that we’re going to deplete that resource in less than 300 years, what took millions of years to form. So, with the inevitable global depletion of oil, and the desire for energy independence, alternative forms of energy have begun to emerge.
Algae is a leading contender.
Research at leading universities suggests that algae could supply enough fuel to meet all of America’s transportation needs in the form of biodiesel… using a scant 0.2% of America’s land.
In fact, enough algae can be grown to replace all transportation fuels in the U.S. on only 15,000 square miles, or 4.5 million acres of land.
Technology exists right now to cultivate algae that can be used as fuel, using municipal, agriculture and industrial waste as nutrients.
GREENEX2010 promises more info on algae developments.